Relax & Slim potion


Citrus & Prickly pear

Sweet, juicy, citrusy, it is the potion of good humor.

It is the scent of Mediterranean gardens that stimulates happiness, comforts and removes insecurities, giving inner calm and serenity.

All Sicilian synergy of Opuntia with concentrated essential oils.
Promotes normal circulation, useful against water retention and stretch marks.

Active ingredients: Sicilian prickly pear extract, Sicilian Bitter Orange essential oil, Sicilian Sweet Orange essential oil, Sicilian Lemon essential oil, Sicilian Mandarin essential oil.

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Instructions for use: mix 5 drops of Hot Massage Potion in 50ml of vegetable oil. Apply the right amount of the mixture all over the body or on the affected areas. Proceed with a relaxing and anti-cellulite massage.

prickly pear extract: soothing, healing, stimulating of the regeneration of epithelial cells. Firms and tones the skin tissues; restoring elasticity, softness and hydration to the skin.

Mandarin essential oil: calming. Facilitates moments of relaxation. Stimulating the microcirculation, it performs a regenerating action on the skin.

Made in Italy
Dermatologically Tested
Not Tested on animals

Relax & Slim potion

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30 ml


Alchimista del Vulcano


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