Massage Candle Belle Epoque.


Rose & Talc


A sensory journey to stimulate mind and body through the scents of a Golden Age.

We are in Paris in the midst of Bohemian style. Romantic ladies fill the streets with their rose and gentle powdery scents during daylight, but when night falls, and foyer lights come on, everything smells of lace and sequins, of velvet and prohibited tuberose.
The Rosehip oil has anti-aging and regenerative effects on the skin.

Suitable for atonic and dull skin, to restore brightness and vigor.


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How to use: light the Paper Moon massage candle and wait 5-10 minutes until the wax has melted, becoming a warm and fragrant massage oil. Then turn off the flame (the oil will be hot but not burning) Gently pour the liquid wax on the palm of your hand, checking that the temperature is optimal. Then let the oil slide slowly until it reaches the body.

Rosehip oil: obtained from the cold pressing of Rosehip seeds. An oil rich in Vitamin E with antioxidant action, Vitamin K, Retinol and fatty acids, essential for cell regeneration, to give skin elasticity and flexibility and counteract the effects of skin aging.

Belle Epoque Massage Candle contains natural blends of highly pure vegetable oils, natural and cosmetic grade
The wick is in pure cotton. It is ecological and specifically realized for cosmetic use to avoid its smokiness and shutdown. Our candles are made according to all rules prescribed by Candle Quality Assurance in terms of lead and nickel.
We flavor our candles with highly pure essential oils or personalized fragrances especially formulated for candle massage in accordance with all rules and regulations of IFRA (The International Fragrance Association)

Discover our in SPA Rituals: Candle Experience

Natural 100%
Made in Italy
Dermatologically Tested
Not Tested on animals
does not contain: peg / ppg, silicones, parabens, preservatives, dyes, edta, sls, sles, paraffin.


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150 ml


Alchimista del Vulcano


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