Trattamenti corpo


Candle experience

Our candles contain natural blends of highly pure vegetable oils that hydrate, nourish and cuddle the skin thanks to their active principles
The warm oil you obtain from igniting the candle releases unique scents. Precious essences and fragrances lead to the ephemeral world of scents through a sensory journey with a magnificent resonance that can strike the imagination and lead your mind towards comfortable wellness.


bamboo activity

Bamboo activity

A unique ritual that involves using Bamboo oil through Kit Bamboo Massage. It is associated with specific manipulating techniques
It is an Oriental technique that must be performed very slowly on the whole body, listening the breath.
This technique is recommended for anti-cellulite treatments since It improves circulation and promotes drainage. It is also widespread in sports massages, promoting a de-contracting and stimulating effect.
A youth elixir to regenerate and strengthen structural tissues of bones, connective tissue and collagen.

DURATION: 50 min

Relax & Slim

It is the love for the Sicilian fruits, for their unique scents. It is the desire to convey all this through an emotional massage
An exclusive treatment made in Sicily, with composed prickly pear potion, which delivers regenerating, emollient, and elasticizing. The essential oils of Blood Orange, Bitter Orange, and Lemon give draining and reactivating effects. Instead, the Green Mandarin enriches the product with calming and relaxing properties.


caldo massaggio

Warm Massage

Warm and reassuring relieves accumulated muscles tensions, promotes joint function and calming effects in the emotional sphere. A potion made with Red Chilli Pepper, Arnica, Rosemary, Litsea, and Lavander
It promotes blood circulation, fights against lymphatic stagnation, acts against muscular tensions. Counteracts stress and anxiety by promoting mind relaxation.